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ugh boobs are so ugly



my best friend only ever posts her boobs online but like, ALL boobs are ugly.

they’re just pockets of fat hanging there with a piece of pepperoni on them.

like, sometimes i can understand cleavage being cool but then a girl’s shirt comes off and i’m like, no deal.

I’m sorry, I thought you were describing a penis for a second. Now those are gross. I like boobies. They are wonderful. I’d rather see tons of beautiful boobies than a bunch of dicks.

1) this post was forever ago and only has 32 notes, why in the hell is it still bouncing around a couple of times every month

2) you thought i was describing a penis? don’t be fucking coy, no you didn’t. i used the word “boobs.” dicks are not pockets of fat. piece of pepperoni. doesn’t fit with dicks, it makes sense with boobs. jesus, that’s just the laziest way to redirect. “oh i thought you were talking about _______.” no you fucking didn’t, unless you are literally fucking retarded.

3) boobs are not the female equivalent of dicks. there is a female equivalent of dicks, and if you would rather look at a cavernous hell-pit than a dick then you’re clinically insane and i don’t want you looking at my blog anymore GET OUT OF HERE.

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    lul wut. boobs are wonderful.
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    This is hilarious to me because I pretty much feel the exact same way.. I’m the worst lesbi ever
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    I felt the same way when I was like 19. My views have evolved over the years. I still mostly don’t like big boobs, but...
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    a piece of pepperoni on them. a piece of pepperoni on them. A PIECE OF PEPPERONI ON THEM.
  7. pleasuresofthedamned said: ignoranceee. boobs are magical.
  8. swingingaxes said: Hey, your nipples are ugly too :(
  9. lilcreamsicle said: omg just pockets of fat hanging there with a piece of pepperoni on them