I'm Sven. I look like this. I'm a musician, so every once in a while, I'll post something about my music career. Deal with it. I have no accurate perception of how I am viewed or what I'm doing. When you're stuck in the middle of a river and you may drown, you stop thinking about how you look trying to stay above the water.

You can ask me anything, and I will respond.

Make your voice break, sing it out...

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I figured I should give a little more context.


All of the proposed album titles are connected to lyrics.

1) Lucidity

“…if you listen closely, you can hear the ghosts chanting as they go to say their final goodbyes again. “Lucidity is my proclivity.”“

2) Red Ships

“Red ships on the skyline, I’m seeing. A moment more and I’ll be breathing. Your face is my dusk, outside is a lighthouse, and who can I trust when our bones start to rust?”

3) Vessels

“If I die before you wake, I pray I’ll wake before my body to its grave you take. The vessel will go into the ground and I will speak to you, but you’ll not hear a sound.”

4) The World in Colors

“You wake from your walking nightmare. Violently, we’re out of the lair. And I still see the world in colors, and you’re the most beautiful one.”

Which one is best?

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My band's Tumblr.

Just follow it so I’ll shut up about it.

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Which of these band names is best for my music?

1) Neon Mustache
2) Neon Must Ache 
3) Salvador Dolly Parton 
4) Sven and the Sea Power 
5) Sven and the Six Strings 
6) The Quivers
7) The Other Mark Zuckerberg Project

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I want to change my band name.

It is currently [synecdoche], which is difficult to remember and spell, and is admittedly quite pretentious.

When I was playing the anagram game with “Reince Priebus,” I came up with “Be Nicer, Uprise” which is great but also kind of emo.

Go watch the latest live videos and let me know what my band name should be. Please?

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This is a video of me performing with my band, playing an electro slow jam. Complete with autotune.

There are 6 new videos up on this Youtube, and I firmly believe they’re worth watching. Or else I wouldn’t have uploaded them.

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This is how I started my New Years. Watch it.

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Relevant. Very.

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Powerpuff Girls is all over my dash and every time I see something with them, I get to remember that on Thursday, I opened for Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, the band that played their theme song.

Powerpuff Girls is all over my dash and every time I see something with them, I get to remember that on Thursday, I opened for Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, the band that played their theme song.

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Click on Watch to see the embedded player for my new song I just finished.

It’s called Birds & Trains, and it’s awesome.

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The Other Ones [Rough Cut] - [synecdoche]

This is the rough recording (as in, I’ve only been working on it for less than 6 hours total) of the first song on the next album, entitled Born This Way Lucidity.

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Oh look I’m covering a Stars song.

"Dead Hearts," specifically.

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The first song on the acoustic EP recorded during sunrise - Not Now and Always.

Guessing Game - [synecdoche]

EDIT: Yes, crickets and birds are happening. And yes, birds are often chirping along in rhythm. I love these fucking birds.

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I haven't done this in forever, so just help me out.

It is way easier to get shows booked if I have more fans for my band on Facebook and for some stupid reason, people are unliking the page at a slightly disturbing rate (I think maybe people are just quitting facebook?).

It also helps a lot if you subscribe to my band’s youtube page.

I really just need all the help I can get getting shows, and it’s way easier with more people connected on social websites. Please just take a second and become a fan or reblog this or something, because I’m not even asking for your money, just four total clicks of your mouse (more if you don’t use keyboard shortcuts to close tabs).

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